Why Buying Hardwood Flooring Direct Benefits You

At PurezaWood, we sell our engineered hardwood flooring direct to customer. This means that we own the factory that makes the floor and sell it to you directly: no middle man, no up-charges, and no sacrificing quality! 

Cheaper prices without sacrificing quality

When you don’t buy engineered hardwood flooring direct from the manufacturer, that means there’s a middle man. The flooring goes from the factory --> to a business --> to a store --> to you. At each step, there are pricing markups. 

But what if you could eliminate those middle steps? What if you can get your flooring direct from the factory to you? That means you eliminate the pricing markups as well. Since we own our own factory, you get the same quality flooring without the price increase. You’re no longer paying a middle man who bought flooring from a different manufacturer–you’re paying the company making your engineered hardwood flooring.

The ability to customize your floors

Direct factory premium wide plank hardwood flooring

When you buy hardwood flooring direct from us, you gain the ability to customize every aspect of your flooring. Your home is your unique space, so your flooring should be too. Whether you want dark or light finish, pre-finished or unfinished, 3/4″ or 5/8″ thickness, 5″ or 7″ wide planks, it’s all up to you! You’re no longer limited to whatever the store has in stock because we manufacture your custom flooring once you place your order. See the endless opportunities you have for creating custom hardwood floors!

Overseeing quality at every step

Because we own our factory, we can monitor every step of your floor’s creation. From the trees we sustainably source from French forests to the shipping methods we use to get your floors to you, we oversee each step to guarantee no one is cutting any corners. In a traditional seller’s situation, the seller can’t guarantee that you’re getting genuine French Oak and not a knock off–or that the quality standards are being maintained–because they aren’t working one-on-one with the people on the manufacturing floor. But we are, so we can make those guarantees.

Buying hardwood flooring direct from our manufacturer means you’re getting incredibly high quality flooring at an unbeatable price point. Learn more about how we choose only the highest quality materials for our engineered hardwood flooring.

Are you looking to buy engineered hardwood flooring direct?

We can help you! Contact us to make an appointment for our Chicago showroom or call us to learn more about our flooring. Buy direct from us and eliminate the middleman while keeping the same high quality engineered hardwood flooring. Check out our Instagram to see some of our past projects.