White Labeling: What It Is and Why It Could Be Right for You

At PurezaWood, we understand the importance of branding. We also know how hard it is to launch a new business. With this in mind, we offer the option of white labeling to our wholesale clients. If you’re unfamiliar with white labeling, you’re in good company. Now is your chance to learn what it is and why it could help your company.

Essentially, white labeling is an agreement between a wholesale manufacturer and the business or store it is selling products to. The wholesale manufacturer, PurezaWood in this case, permits the buyer to put their own name or brand on the product in order to claim ownership of the merchandise.

This means that if you want to sell PurezaWood’s high quality JAS certified flooring in your store, you can put your own company’s name on the products. This will give your company a huge advantage because customers respect brand consistency and seeing your name on the product you’re selling will build your company’s reputation.

Because it can be difficult for companies to keep a consistent brand and image, white labeling is the ultimate solution, even for well-established businesses. And who wouldn’t want to put their company’s name on a product as reputable and luxurious as PurezaWood’s hardwood flooring planks?

Our flooring planks are sourced and manufactured in Vietnam where they undergo rigorous quality control. Then we perform our own quality control checks to ensure only the finest engineered and solid hardwood flooring planks show up at our warehouse in Chicago.

To learn more about our products and our white labeling option, contact us today! We’d love to help you and help your company reach its fullest potential.

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