How We Popularized Wide Plank Flooring

At PurezaWood we specialize in wholesale wide plank flooring. Wholesale buyers across the country are clamoring for our white oak and maple planks. You may be wondering how we brought back wide plank flooring to the forefront of the flooring industry and we’re here to answer that for you. Here’s how we popularized wide plank flooring.

By Manufacturing in Vietnam

Our wholesale flooring factory is located in Vietnam, which is known for its high quality wood products. This has both to do with the trees that grow there and the government mandated quality control processes for hardwood products. It’s fairly common knowledge in the hardwood flooring industry that Vietnam is the best place to find a high quality hardwood flooring factory.

By Maintaining Quality

Quality control is incredibly important to us at PurezaWood, which is why we have our own quality control processes, on top of the one’s mandated by nature of our factory being located in Vietnam. We are JAS certified and have a thorough quality control process that ensure all of our products are superior to any other hardwood floor on the market.

By Offering Customization

Not every wholesale manufacturer offers customizable hardwood floors, but we do. Whether you’re looking for finished or unfinished, engineered or solid, machine scraped or hand scraped, we’ve got you covered. However you want your wide plank flooring to look, we can make it for you. This is probably the number one reason we so easily popularized wide plank flooring.

By Following FSC Standards

And the last reason we were able to bring wide plank flooring into the spotlight is because of our environmentally friendly standards here at PurezaWood. We are active members of the Forest Stewardship Council which mandates that manufacturers source wood in a way that causes the least environmental impact.

When you see all the reasoning, it’s pretty obvious how we popularized wide plank flooring. To get your own customizable container of wide plank flooring, contact us at PurezaWood today. We’ll show you firsthand what all the fuss is about!

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