Why Wide Plank Floors Are Trending

At PurezaWood we’ve noticed that wide plank floors are all the rage lately. They’ve been a popular flooring option for centuries, but they’re really heating up now. And there’s a good reason for that.

So what is wide plank hardwood flooring exactly? Well in order for a hardwood flooring plank to be considered “wide” it has be 5” or wider. At PurezaWood, we categorize wide planks as 7” or 8” in width.

Regardless of these details though, wide plank flooring has become increasingly popular lately. It’s been especially popular among those seeking bulk hardwood flooring containers. So why is this happening? Why the sudden draw to this unique flooring type?

Well first of all, wide plank flooring isn’t all alike. You can choose species, finish, as well as just how wide your plank is. People love being able to customize their wide plank hardwood flooring to look exactly the way they want it.

And what is it about the width that’s so aesthetically pleasing? Well people love it because it’s so unique. It’s not your standard flooring type these days, so it stands out wherever it’s installed. It also offers a cozy warmth to any room.

The larger width also makes the grain of the wood stand out more, highlighting its distinct design, unique to each individual plank. People also like that it’s quicker and easier to install since there are obviously fewer planks to put into place.

So if you’re looking to jump onto this trend, purchase your 7” or 8” wide hardwood flooring planks from JAS certified Purezawood right here in Chicago. Our experienced manufacturers in Vietnam produce the highest quality wide plank flooring on the market and our Chicago salespeople provide the best customer service. See for yourself by contacting PurezaWood today! You’ll be amazed by our luxury hardwood flooring and incredible prices.

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