Light or Dark Hardwood Floors: 5 Things to Consider

Light or dark hardwood floors? At PurezaWood, we know it can be extremely difficult to decide between the two. That’s why we put together a list of 5 things for you to consider before making your luxury hardwood flooring purchase.

It may seem like a small decision to make, but it’s going to stick with you for the next several decades, so it’s important to be sure. Here are 5 things for you to think about during your selection process.

1. Aesthetic

The first thing to ask yourself is what aesthetic you’re going for in the room you’re flooring. Dark hardwood tends to give a more regal, sophisticated aesthetic, whereas light hardwood is brighter and warmer.

If you already have furniture for this room, be sure to keep that furniture in mind when choosing between light or dark hardwood floors. You don’t want to have a new floor installed only to realize it clashes with your furniture.

2. Maintenance

All hardwood floors are generally the same to maintain, but light and dark floors can have slightly different appearances in regards to upkeep. The fact is that dark hardwood shows dirt, scuffs, and scratches much more obviously than light hardwood. So if you have pets, kids, or just a lot of foot traffic, light hardwood may be the best option.

Your light hardwood can still be trendy, though. Try installing some of PurezaWood’s signature wide plank white oak hardwood flooring for a combination of warmth and elegance. This is a floor the kids can’t destroy, no matter how hard they try.

3. Lighting

Make sure to take the room’s lighting into account when choosing between light and dark hardwood. If there’s already a lot of natural light in the room, you may want to enhance this look by installing light colored floors. Or you may want to subdue it by installing dark hardwood.

On the other hand, if you have very little natural light in the room, you can brighten it up with light hardwood. Dark hardwood will add to a darker room’s elegance and give it a closed off coziness, like a library.

4. Space

When selecting your hardwood floor’s color, take into account the size of the space you’re flooring. Dark floors tend to make spaces look smaller, so if you’re flooring a large area, dark floors can make it look smaller and cozier.

In contrast, if you’re flooring a small area, you may want to use light hardwood. This will open up the space some more and make it look larger. No matter what your preference, it is something you should definitely take into account when choosing your floors.

5. Complement vs. Contrast

Interior designers know that there are many benefits contrasting or complementing when it comes to color. The preference is personal, but you need to know what your preference is before you decide between light or dark hardwood floors.

A dark floor can look quite striking against a white wall. But if you’re going for a more subtle look, then light floors might be the thing for you. It all depends on where you want the eye to go when a person first enters a room.

Take these 5 things into account the next time you’re shopping for hardwood floors and make sure to always purchase your luxury hardwood flooring from JAS certified PurezaWood. We’re the highest quality hardwood flooring manufacturer in the Chicago area.

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