Wide Plank White Oak: A Flooring Trend We Love

Wide plank white oak flooring has been all the rage with interior designers and homeowners lately and we can see why! Oak has been a classic hardwood flooring species for centuries. Combine in it with 7” or 8” wide plank flooring and you’ve got something truly beautiful.

Oak floors are known for their strength and durability, as well as their exceptional beauty. When combined with wide plank flooring, white oak takes on a more rustic appearance even as it exudes modernity. Just look at how this modern living room is completely transformed by wide plank white oak flooring.


This style is also great for a more beachy, casual look, such as this one. Its sandy color is perfect for a beach setting like this one. It makes it look like the living room itself is right on the white sand of the beach outside!


Another reason why wide plank white oak is popular is because it offers so much warmth and coziness to a room. It can be formal and more reserved if needed, but it is cherished for how homey it can make a room feel. The photo below is a perfect example of this. It looks like a place you want to curl up and read a good book with a dog at your feet.

Living room with a natural Red Oak hardwood floor.

But wide plank white oak isn’t only good for homes! It can brighten up offices and other work spaces as well. It is a truly unique style that can utterly transform a space. That’s why we love this new flooring trend. it’s also why we offer this and an abundance of customizable type of hardwood flooring types here at PurezaWood.

Combine our 8″ or 7″ wide plank flooring with unfinished white oak to mimic one of the beautiful designs above or put your own twist on this versatile flooring style! And make sure you always purchase your hardwood floors from JAS certified PurezaWood, the best hardwood flooring manufacturer in Chicago.

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