Which Hardwood Species is Right for You

PurezaWood of Chicago carries a variety of hardwood species, but how do you decide which one is right for you and your needs? Well, if you already perused our gallery of hardwood flooring species, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed.

Never fear! This is an exciting decision to be able to make because afterwards you can customize it by choosing wide planks, solid or engineered flooring and you can even buy bulk containers of your customized hardwood flooring from us at PurezaWood. These JAS certified flooring planks come to us from the beautiful Vietnam, where the highest quality hardwood in the world is manufactured!

So let’s start by talking about the classic hardwood flooring species. Some standard hardwood flooring species for the home are White Oak and Maple. They work well if you’re looking for something more traditional that is easy to coordinate with wooden cabinets and furniture.

However, there are many other options when selecting wood species. For instance the American Black Cherry, a darker species that adds character to any room. Or there’s the American Walnut, which adds warmth and a bright look to your home or office. Furthermore, you could go completely away from the classics and opt for something a little different, like Chieu Lieu. This species is rare in Chicago and its natural curves make it a unique and beautiful choice for your floors.

There are many many more, but the idea is to get you excited about this seemingly daunting task. Choosing a species is one of the most enjoyable parts of buying customized flooring because it is completely dependent on your own aesthetics and not just practical functions!

So click through the many flooring species we offer at PurezaWood and enjoy the process of customizing your home! We’ll be here to help with every step of the selection process.

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