Wide Plank Flooring: Where Style Meets Function

Wide plank flooring can be used for more than just rustic cabins! It’s actually an excellent hardwood flooring option for many homes and businesses because of its unique look and homey feel that provide an aesthetic warmth to any room.

In fact, wide plank hardwood flooring gives rooms a look of stability and elegance and has been a treasured flooring type for centuries. Its individuality and history make it an excellent and classic flooring choice.

One of the advantages of wide plank flooring is the fact that it is so easy to maintain. Aside from following standard hardwood floor maintenance tips, there’s not much else you need to do with wide plank hardwood flooring because it keeps its color for longer periods than other hardwood flooring. It’s also easier and faster to install because of its size.

Wide plank hardwood flooring can vary in size, grade and type. That’s why at PurezaWood we offer an abundance of customized wide plank wholesale hardwood flooring, making it easy for you to select the perfect wide plank that fits your style. We’re able to provide so many quality types of wide plank floors because of the high production capacity at our quality-controlled JAS certified manufacturing plant in Vietnam.

If you’re looking for containers of wholesale wide plank hardwood flooring, then PurezaWood is the obvious choice. We work with you to find the best flooring for your home or office and can even provide bulk supplies of customized hardwood for larger scale flooring projects. So contact us today to get the best wide plank hardwood flooring Chicago has to offer!

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