Choosing Hand-Scraped Hardwood Floors

Hand-scraped floors can add a beautiful rustic touch to any room in your home or office. That’s why so many Chicago hardwood flooring manufacturers provide it for their customers, though none have quite the level of quality as the JAS certified luxury hardwood flooring supplier, PurezaWood.

So what is hand-scraped flooring and is it right for your home or office? As the name implies, hand-scraped hardwood floors are manually scraped by expert craftsmen like the ones at PurezaWood’s hardwood flooring plant in Vietnam.

This process involves an experienced woodworker using a draw knife to remove shavings and create a smooth surface while leaving behind scrape marks that contribute to this flooring’s natural beauty.

They’re superior to machine-scraped flooring for one key reason. They add a personalized touch to the room that machine-scraped floors do not, because each plank of hand-scraped flooring is unique, making your floors a beautiful custom feature of your home or office.

They’re also incredibly easy to maintain because they will never need to be refinished, as they already have natural distress marks, adding to the wood’s character and unique appearance. Plus, if you purchase your containers of hardwood from a reputable hardwood flooring manufacturer like PurezaWood, you can be doubly sure of your floor’s durability, since we only use the highest quality lumber for our hardwood flooring planks and use an involved quality inspection process to guarantee our customers the best hardwood flooring in Chicago.

If you’re seeking out the perfect hand-scraped hardwood flooring for your new flooring project, PurezaWood is the perfect wholesale hardwood manufacturing company for you!

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