Preparing for Hardwood Flooring Installation

Wether you’re installing hardwood floor in your own home or you’re opting for professional hardwood flooring installation, it’s important to properly prepare for installation. The steps below will help you assess and prepare to install your new hardwood floors and prevent cupping, squeaking, and other issues that can arise post-installation. 

Choosing Hardwood

The first step to installing hardwood floors is selecting your product. At PurezaWood, we have a variety of finished and unfinished wholesale flooring options, including engineered, solid, parquet, and other types to choose from. So look over the descriptions on our website and find the hardwood flooring type that’s right for you.

Measuring Area

Once you’ve decided which style, type, and grade is for you, it’s time to measure and assess the area you will be flooring. It’s vital that your measurements are precise, because you’ll need them to be accurate when you order wood from a wholesale luxury hardwood flooring manufacturer.

Cleaning Subfloor

After you’ve successfully and accurately measured the surface area and ordered the right amount of quality containers of hardwood flooring planks, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the subfloor. This will help you determine if the subfloor needs any repairs as well as prepare the subfloor for installation.

Checking Flatness

At this point you should also check to make sure that your subfloor is completely flat, because that’s important in the installation process, particularly in regards to preventing issues like cupping.

Assessing Humidity

Another way to prevent cupping and other issues is by determining the humidity levels in the area you’ll be flooring. This also helps you decide whether to purchase engineered or solid hardwood flooring, depending on how high or low the humidity is and how frequently the humidity changes.

For any other questions, be sure to ask one of our hardwood flooring experts here at PurezaWood. We specialize in wholesale manufacturing straight from beautiful Vietnam, making us the perfect choice for both bulk and regular hardwood flooring!

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