Why Buy Wood From Vietnam

It may seem like the best option to look locally for wholesale hardwood flooring, but Vietnam is actually one of the biggest and most reputable hardwood flooring resources in the world, particularly in regards to bulk supplies. This makes it the ideal location to find a manufacturer for your hardwood flooring needs.

Vietnam exports a great deal of hardwood containers and this exportation is strongly encouraged by the Vietnam Government. The government requires strict quality control, although only several of the wood processors are JAS certified like PurezaWood.

Because of this quality control and high demand, Vietnam exports a lot of furniture wood as well. Wood from Vietnam is incredibly popular for furniture because the wood is of such a high grade and is incredibly stable and durable.

This dramatic increase in Vietnam’s exportation in recent years is well-deserved. It comes as a result of their high quality timber and ability to manufacture large amounts of wholesale hardwood containers. PurezaWood in particular, is a highly reputable custom hardwood flooring manufacturer in Vietnam because of its JAS certification as well as its active membership with the FSC.

In fact, we have a highly specialized quality control process at our manufacturing plant, giving us an edge on other Vietnamese manufacturers, since we take the time and care to really inspect our products and make sure we only offer the finest quality to our valued customers.

Better yet, there’s nearly no wait time for PurezaWood’s Chicago customers because we keep our containers of luxury hardwood flooring on hand in our Chicago home base, making it easy for us to provide you with high quality customized hardwood floors imported directly from Vietnam.

So make the right choice when selecting your wholesale flooring manufacturer–pick one from Vietnam, like your own local JAS certified PurezaWood!

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