5 Myths About Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to hardwood floors, there are a lot of misconceptions. We’re here to set the record straight, once and for all! Here are 5 common myths associated with hardwood flooring:

1. They’re bad for the environment

Contrary to popular belief, hardwood floors are actually better for the environment than any other kind of flooring. In fact, they are arguably good for the environment! Furthermore, we at PurezaWood of Chicago are dedicated to the preservation of the environment, which is why we are an active member of the FSC

2. They’re expensive

Because hardwood floors last 70-90 years after installation, they are actually quite cost-effective. Additionally, properly maintaining your hardwood floors can extend their lifespan even more! In addition to this, luxury hardwood flooring, whether it is engineered or solid, is comparatively inexpensive overall.

3. They’re easy to damage

Though different wood species have varying hardness and durability, hardwood is extremely durable overall. Also, a floor’s finish can contribute greatly to how much wear and tear it can take. At PurezaWood, we specialize in JAS certified unfinished floors, giving you the chance to select a finish that best suits your needs.

4. They’re more likely to show dirt

Hardwood floors are incredibly easy to clean and don’t show dust and or dirt as much as other flooring types, like laminate or tile. In fact, when talking about hardwood vs carpet, hardwood is clearly superior in regards to dirt. This is because carpet actually traps dust and dirt, making it far more difficult to clean.

5. They’re not good at providing warmth

Wood floors are excellent at providing visual warmth to any room, as well as insulation. They’re even more insulating than steel and aluminum because they preserve heat from any kind of heater in the building, retaining overall warmth.

It’s evident that hardwood floors are the best type of flooring for a number of reasons, despite the bad rap these myths have given them! So learn more about installing hardwood floor in your home or office by contacting PurezaWood today.

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