Quality Control at PurezaWood

Here at PurezaWood, we are dedicated to producing only high quality products, making us one of the best hardwood flooring manufacturers in Chicago. In fact, we have an impeccably effective 5 step quality control process on top of our JAS certification to ensure that every purchase you make from us is the best in can possibly be.

These steps include tried and true methods performed only by the most seasoned professional hardwood flooring experts on our engineered hardwood flooring. Read the steps below to see for yourself how committed we are to quality in our luxury hardwood flooring products.

Step 1

We assess the JAS certified wood’s quality after it is imported. We ascertain whether or not the pieces are in good condition, free of insects, and possess a perfectly balanced amount of moisture.

Step 2

We select the plank size and quality after the lumber is cut. According to customer preference, we assess knots, ratings, and sapwood. Knots are technically imperfections in the wood, but aesthetically can be quite beautiful. We take all of this information – as well as our customers’ own preferences – into account during this process.

Step 3

We apply glue between the plywood base and its top layer of luxury hardwood with exactly 1 milligram of glue per square foot, thereby preventing delamination. This evidently a highly intricate and difficult process but our seasoned employees have no problem generating the most beautiful hardwood flooring in the industry.

Step 4

We inspect the UV coating, which is there to protect your floor from harmful UV rays. Then we make sure that there is no waste and the surface is perfect, using a penny to try to scratch it. After that, we determine there are no waves or other imperfections on the wood’s surface.

Step 5

We check the product’s packaging as well as overall final quality to make sure it is to the customer’s satisfaction. Regular and wide plank hardwood flooring are then carefully packaged so that they will not be damaged during transportation to their new home! 

We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction, as well as our own personal pride in the high-quality luxury hardwood flooring products that we generate. So contact us today to learn more about our quality control and why PurezaWood is the right Chicago flooring company for you!

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