What is the FSC and Why Does it Matter?

If you know anything about hardwood flooring, you might have found yourself asking, “What is the FSC?” The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of forests all over the world. Their mission is focused on global responsibility in regards to forest protection, as well as ecologically friendly practices that help preserve and maintain the forests we have while promoting the generation of more forests.

The FSC knows that people use forest products daily, be it toilet paper, hardwood flooring, or more. Because forest products are so essential to our daily lives, it is our job to make sure that we replace everything we use and to preserve our fragile eco-system.

Forests generate the oxygen we breathe and contribute to the clean water we drink, and also perform variety of other ecological functions that are essential to the preservation of our planet. That’s why it’s vital to only purchase wood and paper products from FSC certified companies, like PurezaWood.

In order to avoid a crisis, the FSC has the ability to be instrumental in forest preservation with the help of its active members. That’s why PurezaWood of Chicago is a proud and active member of the council, dedicated to preserving this rich resource that we all benefit from daily.

We can prove that we’re committed to this cause by way of our environmental practices, such as never using dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde, adhesives, or coating. We even repurpose old hardwood floors that can no longer be used for flooring but can be used for other projects.

In fact, hardwood flooring itself is known to be the most eco-friendly flooring option out there because it consumes so little energy and only needs to replaced every 70-100 years, giving lots of time for new trees to mature and replace the ones used for flooring.

In short, the FSC is a highly influential non-profit organization, greatly respected by us here at PurezaWood for its ethical practices and dedication to preserving the Earth’s many beautiful forests. We follow these ethics in our own practices as one of the best Chicago JAS certified hardwood floor manufacturers. So rest assured that when you buy from PurezaWood, you’re not just getting luxury hardwood flooring; you’re helping the planet!

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