What is JAS Certification?

JAS stands for Japan Agricultural Standards and JAS certification is a process that quality checks a variety of agricultural products, including lumber, originating in Japan. 

So what do Chicago hardwood floors have to do with a place as far away as Japan? A lot, actually. Japan is the largest market for hardwood flooring, so they take the process of manufacturing hardwood floors seriously.

The JAS certification process involves ensuring that all types of hardwood flooring from engineered flooring to solid, from finished to unfinished flooring, are of the highest quality and are appropriately labeled.

Furthermore, JAS #1 lumber, also referred to as J lumber, is the finest quality dimensional lumber out there. This lumber has little to no knots and blemishes and is perfectly straight.

That’s why we here at PurezaWood are proud of our JAS certification. We offer the best wholesale hardwood flooring in Chicago with a large variety of grades and lengths, including wide plank and hand scraped hardwood flooring, as well as many other interesting types of luxury hardwood flooring.

So contact us today and see for yourself why we’re the most experienced and qualified hardwood flooring experts in Chicago! We promise you won’t regret it.

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