Why we Only Make French Oak Flooring

Many flooring companies will recommend a specific type of wood for your flooring, but some woods are more reliable than others. And when you make the investment in buying new wood floors, you want the best. So why do we only make French Oak flooring? Because we know it’s the best for our clients’ homes. Here are a few of the reasons why we love French Oak so much.


French Oak flooring is known for its durability. This is incredibly important since your floors are an important investment–and they’re one you’ll use every single day you’re in your home. By adding a thick piece of genuine French Oak as the top layer of all of our floors, we can guarantee that your flooring is durable and reliable. And by using genuine French Oak instead generic European Oak, we can also guarantee that you’re getting the real deal. Many companies will say they offer French Oak when actually it’s a lower-grade European Oak, but we can guarantee you’re getting the best.


Not only is French Oak flooring more durable than other wood flooring types, it’s also more beautiful. How can we say this for sure? Well, French Oak has higher tannin levels than other types of wood. This means that it picks up color better and shows it more accurately. Because of this, the finish you choose will look vibrant and it won’t fade quickly like other wood types do.

French Oak also offers several different levels of grading–from character to premium select. And no matter which one you choose, your floorboards will look beautiful thanks to the French Oak.


All of our lumber is sustainably sourced from French forests. One of the major problems with harvesting hardwood lumber for flooring is the toll it takes on the environment. However, by only getting our floors from sustainable forests, our lumber does not have a negative impact on the environment. Which means you can feel good about the flooring in your home.

What makes PurezaWood’s French Oak flooring better than the rest?

Our floors are specifically engineered for perfection–so every single floorboard is made to last you a long time, and look beautiful while doing it. And, because we use real French Oak for our wear layers, you can refinish your floors as many times as solid hardwood flooring. You can learn more about PurezaWood flooring here and view some of our past products here.