How Much Should Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Really Cost?

You want the look of hardwood, but you don’t even want to look at the price tag. How true is that? Let’s talk about the wide plank flooring cost for White Oak and Walnut, two of the most popular species for wide plank engineered hardwood flooring today.

Our American Walnut feels right at home here. #CustomColor

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There are many “luxury” brands of engineered hardwood flooring ready to take an arm and a leg for their products.

And it doesn’t have to be that way. Because we do not source our engineered hardwood from any other manufacturer, we can guarantee access to some of the best possible pricing for wide plank flooring in the U.S. We produce it and sell it ourselves. We know a thing or two about quality, as well. When we control our own production, we can be stricter with our standards. Whatever their beautiful catalog may try to tell you, can the brand really back up the quality of that floor?

Custom stair threads and nosing

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What does our wide plank flooring cost right now?

Our unfinished European White Oak starts at a 5-inch width and $5 per square foot. Thicker wear layer (as much as 6mm!) and wider planks (as much as 9.5″!) are generally custom work, and we will work with you on the price. We may also factor in your choice of custom color or special finishes like bevel and distressed hardwood styles. Our 8″ planks run about $9 per square foot, so you can begin to calculate your budget with these numbers.

Walnut is very popular at the moment, too. Because we’re committed to environmentally sustainable harvesting practices and using only the highest-quality American Walnut species, this price fluctuates just a little bit more. Availability can raise and lower the price very quickly. Check it out on our Shop page.

Is the price of wide plank engineered hardwood flooring worth it?

The short answer? Absolutely. We’ve discussed at length the benefits of hardwood flooring in the past, but there are very few downsides. For family homes, for those hoping to increase the value of their property, for anyone interested in interior design: engineered hardwood lasts longer, holds up against wear and tear, and is one of the best assets your home can have.

Are you looking for the best wide plank flooring cost available? Let’s talk! In the mean time, find us on Facebook and Instagram for daily inspiration and advice.

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