Engineered American Walnut
Untouched and ready
to complete your dream


We carefully source our American Walnut so that its flawless, original surface is prepared to meet your needs exactly. Engineered hardwood is the only option for those who want the beautiful, wide look; solid hardwood floors cut in widths over four inches will quickly begin to “cup” — a process where the wood’s edges rise — ruining the look and feel of the floor. Our nine layers of resilient premium plywood make this engineered hardwood optimal for a space intended to be beautiful for a long time. Soft but otherworldly and sophisticated, this hardwood commands respect. One doesn’t simply wear heels on American Walnut. Let this hardwood — and your home — just be admired.

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2-3 mm thickness of the American Walnut
of wear layer

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9 layers of premium plywood

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Plywood & glue

2mm-3mm top walnut

⅝” thickness
5″ width
2 mm / 3mm Walnut top layer
4 or 6 refinishes

Lustrous, Streamlined Grain

Organically balanced and
sophisticated wood

Our American Walnut is velvety soft and dark even before it’s been finished. You can enjoy this wood’s natural beauty. With a grain and color so wildly distinctive, there is no space this striking and luxurious choice doesn’t suit.

walnut floor

A Flex-Oriented Technology

Design sympathetic and adaptable
to the flaws of any floor
sophisticated wood

walnut engineered

Unique to PurezaWood, every plank of our engineered hardwood comes prepared to fit into its future home. We produce our products with an innovative horizontally grooved system designed to maximize flexibility and compatibility. All floors are not equal; we understand that you might be working with a less than perfect foundation. This exclusive Flex-Oriented Technology is meant to adapt to the shape of your floor and your space. This makes for a supple and versatile floor, and an easier installation.

Substantial Reduction in Expanding and Contracting

A design that defies
and humidity

9 layers of russian baltic birch plywood

9 layers of premium plywood intersecting

Our multi-layered engineered hardwood has been crafted to hold up against the most erratic weather. While other hardwoods expand and contract — degrading the integrity of the panels and the beauty of the whole interior design — ours resists. This marriage between French White Oak and such a secured base of nine layers of premium plywood is crucial and nearly impenetrable, so it can be installed anywhere in your home

Void-free Core

Because you need consistency and longevity

Premium plywood stacks the odds in your favor. Using only premium plywood and no fillers, this hardwood has been specially engineered to prolong the life of your new hardwood flooring against warping. Cross-banded layers of 1.5-millimeter plywood here supply strength and stability. Nails hold with all of their threads. A void-free core means no gaps or holes, and it inoculates against glue starvation.