The Versatility of French White Oak Flooring in Your Home & Commercial Design

The beauty of owning our own hardwood factory and working directly with residential and commercial clients is in the creative process. In particular, we continue to be inspired by the ways clients choose to use our French White Oak flooring in their homes and businesses. We see innovation in interior design every day of the week. 

French White Oak flooring is incredibly versatile.

Unless you’re ordering unfinished hardwood for a client of your own, chances are that you’ll spend long hours considering your floors’ color, finish, and details before making up your mind. That’s great. Because you have a unique style, and we respect that. You have a distinct vision of the new space you’re creating.

Clean use of PurezaWood in this luxurious new minimalistic home. 8” French Oak.

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When you go minimalist with your home design, every small detail matters. High quality engineered hardwood flooring at the best prices — and one very keen architect — brought the client’s vision to reality.

Beautiful and unique use of PurezaWood in this large commercial space.

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As for the polar opposite end of minimalism… We have this brand-new commercial venue. Intriguingly mismatched wide plank flooring patterns — however “busy” to the eye — bring together every other feature in the space. From colorfully painted industrial chairs to flair lining the brick walls, this large sunny space features our French White Oak flooring finished with custom distressed details.

Our beautiful 8” wide French Oak ??

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Back on the home front, we have yet another case of French White Oak flooring working its unique magic. While again simply decorated, this luxury home style features a more natural color finish to our wide plank hardwood. Rich leather details, personal effects, and natural materials bring this living room to life. The floors aren’t a stark interruption. The floors are a warm complement. And they’ll last.

Our beautiful 7.5” wide French Oak ?? engineered to perfection

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You just won’t want to cover up your new French White Oak flooring.

Have a color in mind? A style you’re going for? Not sure where to begin? Book an appointment in our Chicago hardwood flooring showroom now, or give us a call. We can’t wait to work with you.

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