Where to Start with Unfinished Hardwood

You might be looking for unfinished hardwood if you haven’t settled on color or style yet. Here are some of our favorite up-and-coming trends we’ve seen on the engineered hardwood market. Which, of course, we’re more than happy to help you bring to life.

Unfinished hardwood is your fresh start

Designing and decorating your home is exciting! You have the opportunity to create an entirely new feeling in your living space. Unique hardwood floors can make your place feel special, and they can be what might just make it feel like home.

A trend we love: wide plank floors

7.5” wide ?? French Oak

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Even when your space is limited, broad planks of hardwood open up any room. Long, narrow, cheap floors — laminate or solid or otherwise — make it feel smaller than it really is. Even the narrowest kitchen can feel spacious! Proper installation (especially which direction the floors are laid) can make a world of difference, as well.

Come to the dark side

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We love all the grey and black oil finishes we’ve been seeing lately. We have a collection of colors that includes a broad range of these moody neutrals, but we can make any custom color happen, too. Many homeowners use their flooring as an “accent piece,” and design the rest of the space around it. Even if you choose to go grey, the rest of your home needn’t be steely! You can still keep it plenty light by choosing warmer tones for the walls and other major furniture.

Stay competitive

Homes with hardwood floors sell better. That’s just a fact. Whether you’re making a home for life or planning to re-sell, you don’t have to worry too much about ‘trends’ when you’ve chosen engineered hardwood. Wood floors are timeless, durable, and sustainable. Properly maintained quality hardwood floors can last generations; one floor, one home.

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