What You Need to Know About the American Walnut Species for Hardwood Floors

It can be difficult to decide on the right engineered hardwood floors for your residential or commercial space. We specialize in American Walnut species and French White Oak species because they’re beautiful, durable, and strong. Yet unless you’re working with an interior designer or a very particular client, you’ll consider many factors. What is the style of the rest of your space? What are your goals for the space? And finally but perhaps most importantly: what does your budget allow? 

Let’s start from the beginning: the American Walnut species goes way back.

While there are many varieties of walnut trees, humans have used the American Walnut species for centuries. The walnut tree is highly symbolic. The Greeks used walnuts for decoration and fertility charms. Romanians wore them on their wedding gowns. American Indians have used the domestic species’ fruit, the black walnut, in various herbal preparations until adopting its lumber for furniture.

Walnut may be softer, yet it remains among the sturdiest and most durable hardwoods available.

This means longevity. While our White Oak takes the cake in terms of Janka-rated hardness — it can withstand immense pressure and will weather scratching very well — Walnut is in the top ten, boasting even the popular Cherry, Cottonwood, Aspen, and Soft Maple species.

You choose Walnut for the beauty of the grain. Though you shouldn’t walk across it in high heels every day, did you know that it’s one of the most reliable hardwood species to withstand water? Walnut’s grain is straight and less porous than other species. Once it’s been dried, shrinkage is minimal. This means that it will absorb less water and moisture when in use. Walnut is an especially strong choice for humid climates. You want this investment to last.

Regardless your species of hardwood, however, we still urge you to practice dehumidification or humidification — dependent on your geography and the season.

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Walnut is popular for furniture, sure, but what about your new engineered hardwood floors? We love a good mid century modern style of dresser or bed.

Let’s bring your look together.

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