Why You Should Choose Grey Hardwood Flooring

Not only is grey hardwood flooring on trend these days, it’s a proven classic. From upscale retail shops to your cool friend’s fresh modern kitchen, you’ve probably seen it around a lot lately.

There are pros and cons to any custom color hardwood flooring. Grey has very fews “cons.” Let’s talk about why you should (and maybe shouldn’t) opt for the pale neutral.

Robust Flowing Grain grey hardwood flooring

Isn’t grey hardwood just a fad?

The short answer is ‘no.’ The long of it is that cheap hardwood is what’s too popular. By choosing a durable, high-quality, engineered hardwood — even if it’s a unique color like grey — you’re not feeding a trend. You’re making a timeless aesthetic statement. Quality isn’t a fad. Wide plank engineered hardwood flooring should last beyond the time that you personally own the space. It should increase the value of your home or office, and increase your enjoyment of it.

Grey is the perfect neutral.

Styles may change, but the staples won’t. As your largest piece of ‘furniture,’ hardwood should be able to match however you’re styling the rest of the space. You can change your bedding, your curtains, and the paint on your walls — all relatively inexpensive components that let you some creative leeway with whatever is ‘all the rage’ at any given time — but your hardwood stays the same. Grey flooring, like classic natural walnut or white oak colors, matches new pieces easily.

engineered european french white oak white plank flooring chicago

You have so many shades of grey to choose from.

Light or dark, blue-toned or ashy, grey is as versatile as it gets. Just take a look at some of our own French White Oak color samples. What suits you? What will fit in with the character of your home or business? We’re always happy to work with you or your interior designer to solve a color crisis. There are endless possibilities, and we’re always ready to take on a custom job.

Picture of Snow White Color Picture of Gray Wolf Color Picture of Brun Clair Color

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