Best Hardwood Flooring to Update Your Kitchen

Whether you’re remodeling your whole kitchen or just doing some renovation, engineered hardwood flooring lets you lay a lasting foundation for the space. Wide plank engineered hardwood should be at the top of your list.

Choose something that will last.

engineered european white oak french
Kitchen featuring PurezaWood’s 7-inch French White Oak.

There are many reasons to choose hardwood for your kitchen.

Of course you don’t want to put down carpet in such an active space, but you don’t want vinyl, tile, or other man-made materials either. Not only do they accumulate dirt and grime and show it, but they’ll wear down and age faster, physically and aesthetically. Trends in floors and interior design change constantly. But you know what won’t? Hardwood.

french european white oak
Another kitchen featuring our 7-inch French White Oak with a unique finish.

Because hardwood is timeless.

So you want it to last. You don’t need to find an excuse to use it in your home or office space, but we’ve got plenty for you (just in case). Engineered hardwood, however, can help solve your worries about refinishing, durability, and longevity. Read more about that here.

You use your kitchen more than almost any room in the house.

It should be built to last. Not only does your interior design reflect your personal taste,  but it demonstrates commitment and investment. Your whole family comes together in the kitchen. You can choose cozy, warm colors, a rustic look that says “We’re making chili tonight.” Or you can choose fresh, cool tones and neutrals that might — subliminally — will you to eat more salads.

What do you hope to get out of your home? What can it do for you? And how can you make that possible? …You choose the right engineered hardwood flooring for your new kitchen, easily done when there are no limits on custom colors, widths, or designs.

penthouse interior design
Our 9.5-inch French White Oak — going down throughout a penthouse!

So, what can we get started on together?

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