Luxury Hardwood Flooring You Can Actually Afford

Wide plank hardwood — and engineered hardwood, no less — isn’t just for the penthouses and luxury hotels anymore. We might associate those beautiful wide planks of French white oak and American walnut with luxury hardwood flooring, but if you know where to buy it, you can afford it too.

Robust Flowing Grain

So, you’ve made up your mind. You know the look you want to have in your home. You know that you want engineered hardwood (versus, say, solid hardwood or laminate flooring).

All this can be yours.

Our client shared this great photo with us of our unfinished 7” French Oak going down.

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Do you know where your hardwood floors are coming from?

Unless you’re chopping down trees in your own backyard and plan to process them yourself, you’ll have to trust a company when they tell you what you’re getting.

Nearly every hardwood company is buying their flooring from another supplier, manufacturer, or broker.

When you don’t buy a product directly from the source, you’re always going to be paying some kind of mark-up price. That’s all fine when it comes to T-shirts, vegetables, and your house plants, but what about the major investments? Not only will hardwood flooring or another large piece of furniture be with you for life — so we hope — but for decades later, too. You want to make a good decision without making serious sacrifices in your long-term budget. This is the time to study up on your brand of choice.

PurezaWood owns it own factory. We are our own manufacturer. And we’re selling our luxury hardwood flooring directly to you.

Other hardwood brands want to buy our products. That’s a fact. Because we offer the most premium, high-quality hardwoods at wholesale prices and we’re American-owned, we’d be lying if we didn’t acknowledge that we’re an unusual and standout brand — and that we’re just generally pretty easy to deal with.

But we still sell to our customers, at cost.

Based in Chicago, we’re ready to make luxury hardwood flooring available and accessible across the U.S.

Get in touch with us. Let’s get started on that big home project of yours and make your vision come to life.

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