Wide Plank White Oak Will Bring Your Home to Life

Wide plank hardwood flooring can spruce up a space like you wouldn’t believe. We’re especially proud of our French White Oak, which we’ve sure been distributing a lot of lately, so here are some of our favorites from the collection!

We love when our clients share photos of their installations in progress or all finished up.

Luxurious 7.5″ wire-brushed white oak coming to life.

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Or even a relatively more modest 7″ white oak, just a couple shades darker.

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This medical office really knows how to treat their patients….

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Stain the town!

The owners of this home in the West Loop of Chicago installed a beautifully prefinished version of our 7″ white oak.

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We’re just in love with how this 5″ white oak turned out.

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You’ll really bring your home together.

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Have a design in mind? Maybe just a color, or a feeling? We specialize in custom color treatments for our wide plank engineered French White Oak (which some designers out there might just refer to as European White Oak, by the way) and we love working with new clients to make their interior dreams come true.


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