Top Hardwood Flooring Trends of 2015

With 2015 coming to a close, we at PurezaWood would like to take a look back at hardwood flooring trends we saw this year. It was a year of change and innovation in regards to hardwood flooring, with more people seeking unique rather than classic looks and prioritizing quality over price.

Luckily, PurezaWood has the most innovative flooring options as well as high quality and reasonable prices. Here are the top hardwood flooring trends we saw in 2015 at PurezaWood.

Wide Planks

Wide plank flooring was widely popular in 2015 because of its functionality as well as its unique appearance. It broke away from its association with cabins and solely rustic looks and became the vogue flooring of the year.

Wide plank flooring varies from 5-9 inches in width and can be any number of floor species with a variety of stains and finishes, making this a totally customizable accent for any home or office.


Engineered Hardwood 

Engineered hardwood flooring has gotten a bad rap for its layers of wood versus solid hardwood uniformity, however people started to realize just how wrong they were about it in 2015. Engineered floors can actually be refinished about as many times as solid hardwood and their specially engineered design prevents cupping and other issues prevalent in solid hardwood flooring.

Getting your engineered hardwood flooring from a reputable local business that sources from Vietnam, like Chicago-based PurezaWood, is another way to ensure that your engineered floors will last.


Dark Wood

Dark hardwood flooring was incredibly popular this year, making PurezaWood’s gorgeous American Walnut a huge hit with customers in 2015.

This wood is not only beautiful but also extremely durable. That’s why it’s excellent for rooms with high foot traffic, like offices or family rooms. Its gorgeous chocolate color is all-natural and comes from the beautiful North American tree it was sourced from, making this an all-American hardwood flooring option.



Our hand-scraped flooring was popular this year because of people’s burning desire for vintage and distressed looking floors (blame it on the hipsters). Hand-scraped floors are unique in that each plank is smoothes out manually, creating natural and beautiful marks on the planks.

No two hand-scraped planks are alike and because of their distressed appearance, they are difficult to damage since any new markings wouldn’t look out of character with the rest of the floor.


Site-Finished Hardwood

This year there was a growing demand from hardwood flooring customers for containers of unfinished wood. So why would people want unfinished wood when it only brings more work for them to do? Well site-finished hardwood floors tend to look better overall and offer more customizability to your hardwood flooring.

Furthermore, it’s less expensive to purchase unfinished hardwood floors, so the DIYers felt up to the task of finishing their own floors this year!

So now 2015 is nearly over and we at JAS Certified PurezaWood can’t wait to see what the new year brings our company and what hardwood flooring trends we’ll see next!

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