How to Holiday-Proof Your Hardwood Floors

The holidays are a time of love and celebration, but make sure to show your floors some love too, by protecting them from potential damage. Here are our top tips for holiday-proofing your floors during this magical season.

Tip 1 – Use Gliders

The first step to holiday-proofing your floors is to make sure that all of your furniture has gliders on the legs, per our scratching prevention tips. This is especially important around the holidays because if you have guests over, whether they stay with you or they’re just coming for a party, furniture will be moved. You don’t have control over what your guests do, so make sure that any furniture moved will not damage the floors!

Tip 2 – Observe Proper Maintenance

Also, no matter how busy you get this holiday season, don’t forget to follow proper maintenance techniques for your hardwood floors. If drinks spill, clean them up right away and only use appropriate cleaning products.

Tip 3 – Protect from the Christmas Tree

Fold a sheet in the area and cover it with a waterproof table cloth, then place the tree stand on top. The cushioning and the waterproof layer will stop the weight of the tree and the water from the base from damaging your floor. For more tips on protecting your luxury hardwood flooring from a live Christmas tree, click here.

Tip 4 – Make Guests Remove Their Shoes

During the holidays, people get decked out in their finest clothes and shoes. This usually means the women are wearing heels and the men have hard-bottom dress shoes. Both of these can damage your floors, particularly if the shoes are scuffed or distribute their wearers weight unevenly. Also if it’s snowing (or raining, seeing how Chicago weather has been lately), their shoes will be wet, causing even more potential damage. So kindly ask your guests to remove their shoes upon entering your home and let the festivities begin!

The holidays are a hectic but beautiful time, so make sure that your JAS certified PurezaWood floors are also beautiful long after the holiday season has ended, because even the highest quality FSC certified wood sourced directly from Vietnam isn’t invincible!

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