Engineered Hardwood Flooring – Embrace Luxury

Engineered hardwood homes are the future of luxury modern homebuilding. With engineered hardwood flooring, your home will be comfortable, luxurious, and perfectly you. Especially now that homebuilders and homeowners alike are realizing that engineered hardwood flooring is preferable to solid hardwood, it’s clear that engineered is the way of the future. Read on to see how engineered hardwood flooring is the best choice for your house.

What makes engineered hardwood homes so luxurious?

Engineered hardwood flooring is the perfect finishing touch to any home, but homeowners are now learning that it’s the best way to embrace luxury designs. It also proves that luxury doesn’t have to be overly expensive. When you buy engineered hardwood flooring, you’re investing in flooring that will last for decades–and can even be refinished as many times as solid hardwood flooring! Plus, when you purchase premium engineered hardwood flooring, you’re purchasing the best flooring for your home. And that difference shows. The beauty and durability of this flooring adds an element of luxury to your home that you can’t get anywhere else.

Project feature: Hinsdale luxury home

We recently had the pleasure of supplying engineered hardwood flooring for this Hinsdale home. We created a custom finish just for this client and it turned out beautifully!

This home has seven floors–including double basements. It also features a full basketball court, dance studio, multiple fireplaces, and double kitchen islands. Everything about this home is luxurious, including its engineered hardwood flooring.

But you don’t have to trust our word! Just look at these stunning pictures and you can see for yourself how this engineered hardwood home is the picture of luxury. And if this doesn’t convince you, view a gallery of our other projects here.

Looking for luxury engineered hardwood flooring for your home?

PurezaWood has the best engineered hardwood flooring at its price point. Our flooring is entirely customizable, so you can choose your floorboard length, width, wear layer, and even finish. And if you don’t like the finishes we have available, we can create a custom one just for you. Plus, our floors are direct from the manufacturer, which means you won’t experience any of the price hikes like you would at other stores.

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