4 Secrets to Keep Your Hardwood Floor Brand New

Investing in hardwood flooring is a big decision, and it isn’t cheap either! Once you get your brand new floors, you’ll want them to stay as beautiful as they are on installation day. So if you want to keep your engineered hardwood floor brand new looking (even after years of use!), you’ll want to know these 4 secrets.

Let the wood fully acclimate

Letting your wood planks fully acclimate before installation is key to not only keeping your hardwood floor brand new, but preventing damage as well. When the flooring has time to “breathe” before you install it, it can expand or contract based on the room’s temperature. This way, when you install it, the flooring won’t shift. If you don’t give your floor the proper time to acclimate, it might shift after it’s been installed, which could cause gaps or buckling between floorboards. We recommend giving all engineered hardwood floor 3 days to acclimate fully.

Pay attention to the atmosphere

You want flooring that looks beautiful and just as nice as the day you installed it. So paying attention to your home’s atmosphere is crucial. If you don’t want to end up with floors that are cracking or cupping from air that’s too dry or too damp, make sure your home’s temperature and relative humidity are within the recommended range. We always recommend keeping your home between 65-75F and with a relative humidity of 35% – 60%. You can learn more about how important this is here.

Preventing scratches

If you want to keep your hardwood floor brand new looking, preventing scratches is important. Take off those stilettos when you get inside and will be walking across your engineered wood floor. Put pads on the bottom of your furniture so it won’t leave scratches when you move it. Sometimes, it’s really about the little things that can add up to make a big difference.

Get quality engineered hardwood flooring

Of course, if you want your engineered hardwood floor to look brand new, it helps to start with a high-quality product. Getting your floor from a company that uses premium materials and takes extra precautions to ensure the flooring is durable, reliable, and beautiful goes a long way!

It’s why at PurezaWood we always use the best materials and own our own factory so we can do quality checks at every step of the process. We work hard to guarantee you’ll get engineered hardwood flooring that is not only beautiful, but will look brand new for years to come! You can learn more about how we make premium flooring here and contact us for a quote here.

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