What’s the Best Engineered Hardwood Floor Color?

So you’re putting new engineered hardwood floors into your home and trying to decide what color to choose. How do you know that you’ve picked a color that won’t go out of style in just a couple years? And how can you guarantee your floors will show the correct color without dulling it? When you’re looking for the best color for your floors, consider these important factors.

Staying on-trend

One hardwood flooring trend we’ve seen explode in 2021 is neutral toned floors. The natural, light wood colors are in and the once-dominating dark hardwood floors are on their way out. Bright and airy rooms are most popular these days, and light wood helps give the room a more open feel. Another nice aspect of the natural colored floors is they can be paired with just about any home style, so the resale value is high. If staying on trend is important to you, consider getting engineered hardwood floors with a light, neutral color.

Your personal style

However, your personal style is an important factor when choosing engineered hardwood floor color. After all, these floors will live in your home for many years. If you love dark hardwood flooring or unique colors, then choose the color that will make you happy! And when you use PurezaWood engineered hardwood floor, you can refinish them as many times as solid hardwood–so if you ever decide to switch up your floor color, you can.

Why French Oak matters

No matter what color you choose for your engineered hardwood floor, you need to make sure it will show properly in the wood itself. You don’t want to spend all that money on flooring and the stain just to discover that the wood itself doesn’t show color well. This is why we always use French Oak for our engineered hardwood flooring. Because of its natural tannin levels, French Oak shows color better than any other type of wood. It won’t distort or dull your color, which means your floors will look beautiful and vibrant for many years.

Looking for a custom color?

If the generic colors just won’t cut it for you, a custom floor color is your best option. At PurezaWood, all of our engineered hardwood flooring is custom-made, and we can work with you to create your very own color. So no matter what you’re looking for in your home, we can make it happen. You can contact us for more information and view our past projects here.