How Durable Engineered Hardwood Flooring is Made

Making durable engineered hardwood flooring is key. Your floors should be high-quality and last many years! But with so many companies selling engineered hardwood flooring, how can you be sure what you’re getting is the best? We’ve broken down how durable engineered hardwood flooring is made so you won’t have any doubts about yours.

It starts with the wood

Durable engineered hardwood flooring requires a solid top layer of high-quality wood. This is the wood everyone will see, so it needs to hold up in the face of daily use. French Oak is durable, reliable, and shows color better than any other type of wood. You can read more about why we prefer French Oak here.

Creating a core layer

The core of your flooring needs to be equally high quality. This is the main part of your floorboards and can vary greatly depending on the company you choose. Companies committed to providing high-quality and durable flooring will use plywood planks. We take this a step further and use only 100% premium plywood. This is the strongest plywood available and essential to creating better flooring that’s more resistant to temperature and weather changes. Learn more about our plywood here.

Purposely crafted with durability in mind

If you want durable engineered hardwood flooring, you need to get floors that were crafted with durability and reliability in mind. At PurezaWood, our floors are engineered for perfection. We choose only the best materials for our flooring to ensure the highest quality. They’re more resistant to humidity and temperature changes, which means they’re also more resistant to damage. And because we own our factory, we can perform quality checks at every stage of production. Learn more about the PurezaWood difference here.

Are you looking for durable engineered hardwood flooring?

PurezaWood is the place to go! We engineer our floors to be long-lasting and durable, so they’ll last you for years to come. And with our custom finishes, they’ll look beautiful, too! You can contact us to learn more about getting PurezaWood flooring and view our Instagram to see our latest projects.