How to Increase Your Property Value with Hardwood

You don’t necessarily need another coat of paint. HGTV and Dwell would have you believe that all your dreams will come true — if only you can pick the perfect shade, install some tastefully rustic doorknobs, and put it in a few trendy new lamps. But this is not enough if your real aim is to increase the value of your property.

Don’t get us wrong! Simple interior design changes can really brighten up a space. Everyone loves a pretty home.

But your property is an asset and a responsibility.

Our client using our elegant 7″ wide plank flooring for his new construction project. 

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Maintaining and raising your property’s value requires more thought.

Especially if you hope to sell or rent out in the future. Nobody will get excited over the decorative elements if you’ve got an ancient HVAC system and horribly creaking, gapped hardwood floors.

You need to focus on the structure first.

A home, studio, office, or apartment is amenable to redecoration only when it has a very strong foundation. This means confirming — most likely with professionals’ help — that your furnace and A/C are in proper working order, that the walls and roof aren’t letting in water (or anything else!). You also want to ensure that the very floor you walk on is safe, durable, and functional for everyday use.

How’s your floor doing? Do you know what it’s really made of?

If it’s hardwood — is it engineered or solid? If it’s laminate, vinyl, or carpet — how does it look? If you are looking to make an investment that will pay off in your own lifetime, really think about your floors. Solid hardwood doesn’t last forever. It’s prone to warping with humidity and shrinking in the winter, leaving gaps and misshapen panels. Likewise, synthetic materials (like laminate) don’t hold up to everyday wear. They are easily scratched, scuffed, and worn out.

You don’t have to compromise.

You can redecorate. You should. But you need to make sure that the foundation of your property is secure, before anything else. Think of it as maintenance first — and décor second. A savvy future buyer, contractor, or inspector will be able to take one step inside and be able to tell what’s getting covered up here.

You can afford engineered hardwood flooring.

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