Your Hardwood Floor Is Your Largest Piece of Furniture, & Your Greatest Asset

When it comes to choosing your hardwood, you shouldn’t settle for anything but the best. Your floors are the centerpiece of your home. They can make or break a room, and they can make or break the whole space. (And the value of your property!)

Consider the overall feeling you want for the space.

This home likely began as a minimalist’s airy dream. Without abandoning the inherent spaciousness of the architecture, they’ve made it feel more rustic and lived-in. The hardwood is a critical part of that change! From the color to the width of those wood planks, this floor literally sets the stage for the comfy carpets, plants, and exposed bricks. They’ve made this feel like a home.

If you want your floors to shine, keep everything else simple.

We don’t mean the difference between matte and glossy. Your floors are as much as piece of furniture as your choice in sectional or dining-room table. This interesting custom-fit floor serves to punch up this otherwise sterile room. They’re showing a sense of humor in a very elegant way — everything else is straight lines and muted colors. We love the natural materials, but they’re relatively dark. The natural brightness of this hardwood and its cut function the same as the wood in the last home: this feels like home, and it echoes the gorgeous sunlight from those big windows.

Think about where you’re going.

We love when our clients and designers want to make their floors a real statement. It’s exciting and special! You can show your personality with every aspect of your interior design. But if you’re unsure where you’re headed, or whether you’ll stay here, and you still want the benefits of hardwood: know that you’re making an investment. It’s a great investment, however, for now and for later. Homebuyers are attracted to hardwood! You can do both: increase the value of your home and your life today. You can always determine what sort of hardwood will have the greatest longevity and timelessness by consulting with a professional interior designer or your hardwood company directly.

We’re just here to help you out. We’re here to make that perfect-home dream a reality.

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