5 Reasons Interior Designers Love PurezaWood

PurezaWood is known for being a high quality flooring company that provides environmentally friendly wholesale hardwood. But it’s also one of the top companies used and recommended by interior designers. In fact, it’s so prestigious, it’s used in popular stores in Vietnam, like Louis Vuitton and Starbucks. Here’s exactly why interior designers love PurezaWood so much.

1. Quality

When it comes to interior design, choosing products that last is key. They’re looking for attractive products that will continue looking good for years to come. That’s why so many interior designers choose JAS certified PurezaWood. Our rigorous quality control practices ensure that every product purchased from us is  made to last and look good for decades.

2. Environment

The more ecologically conscious interior designers tend to opt for PurezaWood products because we’re active members of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which is dedicated to preserving the planet’s forests. We only source from approved forest and we never use harmful chemicals like formaldehyde in our products, making us the eco-friendly hardwood flooring choice.

3. Prestige

As stated earlier, our flooring can be found in highly respected stores, adding to PurezaWood’s overall prestige. Interior designers feel that they can vouch for and recommend products that are used by reputable companies. That’s why so many of them choose us for their projects.

4. Bulk Options

It’s helpful to interior designers when they can buy in bulk. Lucky for them, we sell containers of wholesale hardwood flooring, so buying in bulk is easy. They can get as much hardwood flooring as they like, and use it in several different projects.

5. Customizability

This is probably the main reason interior designers love PurezaWood. We offer many customization options, even for our bulk sales. Whether you’re looking for engineered or solid, hand-scraped or machine scraped, narrow or wide planks, we can provide you with the floor of your dreams.

So it’s pretty clear why interior designers love us and why you will too. Order your custom high quality hardwood flooring from PurezaWood today to see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

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