5 Reasons Hardwood Flooring is Still a Fan Favorite

Hardwood has been a flooring favorite for centuries. Think you know why? We do. From its durability to its beauty, hardwood flooring is far superior to its flooring counterparts. So let’s break down what it is that really makes hardwood flooring a fan favorite.

It’s clean

Unlike carpet, which traps dirt, moisture, and even mold in its fibers, hardwood is easy to clean and it stays clean longer than other flooring types. As long as you clean it well and clean it regularly, you won’t have an issues like dust or mold in your hardwood flooring.

The same cannot be said for carpet or even tile. Hardwood needs the occasional wax and the frequent sweep and mop until it’s time to refinish it, which only happens every decade or so. It really is the cleanest flooring option out there.

It’s elegant

There’s no denying that hardwood is the most elegant type of flooring. It provides warmth but it also offers a look of luxury. There’s a reason you see it in the castles of old French kings.

Whether your preference is wide plank flooring made with white oak or parquet flooring with hard maple, hard flooring always looks elegant.

It’s customizable

Who says you have to have the same hardwood flooring as Louis XIV for your hardwood flooring to be luxurious or elegant? One of the best things about hardwood flooring is that it’s customizable.

This is especially true if your order your containers of hardwood from JAS certified PurezaWood. So pick a species, choose your plank width, have it finished just the way you like. You can even choose between machine or hand scraped hardwood floors. The possibilities are endless!

It’s versatile

One of the biggest perks about hardwood flooring is that it goes with everything. Put hardwood flooring in your kitchen, your bedroom, even in an office building! It never looks out of place.

And if your aesthetic changes as years pass, you can change your interior design without it ever really clashing with your beautiful floors.

It’s durable

When maintained well and using high quality wood, hardwood flooring can last 70 or more years before it needs to be replaced. This is true of no other flooring type. Carpet, for instance, needs to replaced around every 10 years.

So if you invest in JAS certified hardwood from Vietnam, your floor will surely outlast most other things in your home. Now isn’t that an investment worth making?

If you’re looking for a hardwood flooring manufacturer that sources from Vietnam, then look no further! PurezaWood has all of your hardwood flooring needs covered, from bulk hardwood projects to in-home needs. Contact us today for more information!

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