Why Trade Your Carpet for Hardwood

Carpet and hardwood flooring have been at odds for decades. There are passionate supporters on either side of the debate, but there are clear reasons to trade your carpet for hardwood. Here are the plain facts on why hardwood is superior.


One of the top reasons to trade your carpet for hardwood is the maintenance. Cleaning carpets is a time consuming experience and you never really get out all the dirt. Dirt clings to the fibers in carpeting, which means you have to get it steamed regularly. The whole process is a headache in comparison to hardwood’s straightforward maintenance. Hardwood needs only to be swept and mopped and you can be sure that it’s actually clean when you’re done.


Hardwood flooring is incredibly durable. It can last over 70 years if properly maintained. In contrast, carpet can only last a measly 10. So rather than constantly replacing your carpet, why not install luxury hardwood flooring? Hardwood floors can last especially long if they are JAS certified and sourced from Vietnam, like the hardwood flooring planks we offer here at PurezaWood.


As stated earlier, dirt clings to the fibers in carpeting. Carpeting can also trap moisture and even grow mold. Hardwood flooring does none of these things. So if you or a family member has allergies or is prone to illness, you should trade your carpet for hardwood right away. Don’t risk anyone’s health just because you happen to like how carpet looks or feels.


Hardwood floors are the most environmentally friendly flooring type. They have very little impact on the planet and since they last so long, they have very little impact on the earth’s number of trees. Carpeting on the other hand, needs to be replaced much more frequently and has to be cleaned with a number of chemicals that are harmful for the environment. So reduce your carbon footprint and trade your carpet for hardwood today.


It’s hard to deny luxurious aesthetic of hardwood flooring. People who are pro-carpet may claim it’s cozier, but they clearly haven’t experienced the beauty of wide plank hardwood flooring or hand scraped hardwood. Hardwood can be just as cozy as carpeting, plus it offers a much more elegant aesthetic. In addition, since hardwood is easier to clean, it looks better, longer. Whereas carpet ages quickly and stains easily. So pick the best-looking option for your home and choose hardwood.

Resale Value

Because of hardwood’s superior aesthetic and easy maintenance, it is a sought-after feature for people looking to buy a new home. Realtors love working with buildings that have hardwood floors because they practically sell themselves. Buyers don’t want to buy a home with carpeting because they know they’ll just have to pay to rip it out. No one wants to live in a place where the former owners dirt is still embedded in the carpet. And it will be embedded, because it’s nearly impossible to get every last bit of dirt out of carpeting.

So there you have it: 6 very good reasons to trade your carpet for hardwood. If you’re looking for even more reasons, check out the wide variety of hardwood flooring options we offer here at PurezaWood. That alone should convince you!

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