Why Buy Unfinished Hardwood Floors

When purchasing containers of luxury hardwood flooring for your home or office, one of the main decisions you’ll have to make is whether to buy finished or unfinished floor planks. Finished floors are often given preferential treatment because they’re obviously easier to install, but unfinished floors are better for a number of reasons.

They’re customizable

Obviously the chief reason for buying unfinished hardwood floors is the fact that they’re customizable. You can buy any species of unfinished luxury hardwood flooring and you can stain it and finish it however you like. Site-finished floors also allow for more detailed flooring options like inlays and borders. These simply aren’t possible with pre-finished floors since they’re not made to accommodate these things. Site-finished floors allow you to have your ideal hardwood flooring without the hassle.

They’re unique

Because these floors are customizable, they’re also unique. No one wants what everyone else has, so uniqueness is essential in home renovations. In addition, you want a floor that perfectly complements your own personal style as well as the general aesthetic of the room you’re decorating.

They’re less expensive

Unfinished hardwood floors are also understandably less expensive than pre-finished. That makes the whole installation process cheaper, particularly if you’re hiring a professional installer rather than doing it yourself.

They don’t create seams

Since these floors are finished on site, they allow for more flexibility in regards to installation. Pre-finished floors are harder to adjust to each individual room, causing seams between the planks and the wall. Getting unfinished floors eliminates this problem.

No matter what your flooring needs or preferences, unfinished flooring is the way to go. It offers a unique accent to any room and is less expensive than prefinished floors. For an added level of uniqueness, choose hand-scraped hardwood floors. They have lots of natural flaws and grooves that ensure complete individuality. And when you’re buying your containers of luxury hardwood flooring, choose a manufacturer from Vietnam, like JAS certified PurezaWood.


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