Why 2016 Will Be The Year of Hardwood Flooring

Flooring trends have come and gone for centuries, but hardwood floors were one of the first staples of flooring technology in the past millennia. And though hardwood flooring is an ancient flooring technique, it is by no means outdated. In fact, we have reason to believe 2016 will the year of hardwood flooring!

Luxury hardwood floors have a reputation of being expensive and difficult to clean, among other myths, when in fact it’s the single best flooring option out there! People are starting to realize this more and more.

In fact, people have been seeking out more varied forms of hardwood flooring, like engineered hardwood, wide planks and parquet.

The biggest concern of hardwood floor buyers in 2016? Quality. As demand for hardwood flooring has grown and continues to grow, people are seeking not only unique hardwood floors that set them apart from their peers, but also the highest quality flooring possible.

That’s why so many hardwood flooring purchasers are seeking to buy from companies that have factories in Vietnam, the highest quality hardwood floor producer in the world.

In addition to seeking out Vietnam-based hardwood, like the kind we provide at PurezaWood, buyers want companies to have involved quality control processes as well as various certifications to ensure that they are only receiving the best containers of wood. The most lauded certifications for hardwood flooring are FSC Certification as well as JAS Certification, both of which PurezaWood has.

Furthermore, as talks about the environment and concerns about greenhouse gases increase, more and more consumers are seeking eco-friendly flooring options. And hardwood happens to be the most ecologically friendly flooring type out there.

So if you had any doubts about hardwood flooring’s prevalence and popularity this coming year, we hope to have dispelled them! 2016 is going to be hardwood flooring’s year and PurezaWood is here to provide you with the highest quality luxury hardwood flooring out there.

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