How to Stop Furniture From Damaging Floors

There’s nothing worse than finding a scratch on your once-beautiful hardwood floors. Scratches and nicks are difficult to repair and unsightly to look at, so it’s important to take steps to prevent them from occurring at all. 

Luckily, there are several ways to stop furniture from damaging floors. One option is pads/gliders that can be taped, glued, slipped on, or nailed onto the bottom of chair legs. These pads help the chairs glide across your floors instead of scraping them and causing damage.

Each type of pad is different and it is important to find the right style and fit for whatever kind of legs your furniture has. Floor type is also significant when choosing gliders. Typically, felt and rubber work best on hardwood floors but there are many options to choose from, so be aware and shop around a bit before selecting your pads/gliders.

You can also make your own gliders at home if you’re feeling crafty. Felt, carpet squares, towels, and tennis balls are just a few examples of everyday items you can use to make pads for your furniture. Just make sure to use adhesives or other methods to stick on the pads that don’t damage the furniture or your floors.

Another way to protect your floors is to make sure that all of the legs on your furniture are screwed in properly and that there is no imbalance, because that can lead to significant damage in whatever part of the furniture carries the most weight.

It’s also important to thoroughly clean hardwood floors on a regular basis because gliders don’t work as well on dirty floors. Basically, just be wary of anything that can cause damage and do your research on the type of floors, gliders, and furniture you have or need. In no time at all, you’ll be able to move around furniture without any concern!

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