Engineered Wide Plank White Oak Flooring in Every Custom Color, to Fit Your Style

This is exactly what we specialize in: engineered wide plank white oak flooring designed to suit you and your property. European White Oak — or, as some would say, French White Oak — is increasingly popular. Wide plank hardwood has become a favorite among Chicago IL interior designers and builders. You know you want engineered, and you know you want your space to feel unique. 

7.5” wide, 3/4” thick, 6mm top French Oak ?? engineered to perfection

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Because we own our hardwood factory, we can promise top-quality craftsmanship.

We’ll get that color and grain exactly as you want it. Whether that means knottier wide plank white oak flooring or smooth, streamlined grain. And we’ll finish it to perfection — whether that’s a rustic natural beige or sandy brown, or a sleek minimalist white or grey.

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Wide plank white oak flooring to set your home apart.

european white oak hardwood floor
Tuscany: Classical style with a vibrant sandy brown finish, the darkened grain outlines the depth in each plank.

We provide some standard finishes. But we’re even happier to leave the textbook behind. Take our catalog as a reference, and we’ll find you something special.

Como: This shaded silver finish hides a hint of blue for a sleek floor design to keep your house sharp.
black hardwood floor
Black Noir: This pure black finish gives the wood a deep sheen, perfect for those looking to make a splash.

Find inspiration outside your home.

Take a stroll through a luxury homewares store, or the lobby of your favorite hotel. How does it all seem to come together? You’ll find that the flooring brings the room to life, completes it. Beautiful flooring is an investment, but it’s also the foundation of your home!

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