Our Best Custom Color Engineered Hardwood Flooring in 2017

In 2017, we heard a staggering number of our clients requesting custom color finishes. It’s a big world of hardwood out there. You want your floors to stand out among them. Engineered hardwood flooring is becoming the industry standard, above the likes of solid and laminate (which, really, isn’t even hardwood). But a simple grey or rustic “unfinished” look can make a very bold statement indeed.

Your home reflects your personality.

This is why we work very carefully with clients and interior designers to get it right.

Happy New Years! How will your floors stand out in 2018?

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Remember: take care of your beautiful new custom color wide plank engineered hardwood!

Even when you buy your engineered hardwood at wholesale pricing, it warrants upkeep and attention. Protect your investments in your home to get the most out of them.

Creative use of hardwood can bring your home to life…and increase your property value in a big way.

We can accomplish any custom hardwood flooring needs. Check out this finish.

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