Why Our Japanese Agricultural Standard Certification Matters

The Japanese government gives official JAS certification to foods and manufactured products that meet their high standards. PurezaWood engineered hardwood flooring holds this certification. Here we’ll explain what that means, how our competitors compare, and why it should be a factor in your hardwood decision.

engineered european white oak french
Kitchen featuring PurezaWood’s 7-inch French White Oak.

JAS is the Japanese Agricultural Standard, a set of organic agricultural criteria.

This designation applies to any “agricultural” product — any natural commodities. Because flooring is necessarily processed, and engineered hardwood comes from lumber, this requires much care throughout production. From the forests to the factory, we do not use formaldehyde or other harsh, harmful chemicals. The Japanese government is quite clear about their standards on fertilizers and genetic engineering, for example. Your home should be free from these potential dangers.

This certification protects your health, and it protects the planet.

The historical uses and dangers of formaldehyde are well-documented. Perhaps surprising to some, many manufacturers still implement the chemical in their production. When you don’t know the story on the major products coming into your home, you’re taking a significant risk. Unless you’re working with PurezaWood, you should be asking questions. Even the oil finishes can contain toxic amounts of aluminum oxide that will release when the flooring is refinished later on.

And this is not only for your family’s safety. The certification requires conscious lumber-harvesting practices and environmentally sound forestry management. We are extremely careful with not over-harvesting. Additionally, our use of safe fertilizers and organic products is absolutely better for the environment, too.

So, what’s the difference between PurezaWood and other brands?

While many engineered hardwood brands buy white-labeled products from China, we own our Vietnam factory. We don’t outsource our production. PurezaWood controls both the factory and the wholesale retail. This means that we can retain quality control well beyond businesses importing from Chinese manufacturers.

You take many things into consideration when designing or renovating a space. Safety is your top priority. Ultimately, it’s a difference of quality. We want you to feel comfortable in your own home.

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