Common Mistakes That Damage & Shorten the Life of Your Hardwood Floors

We work directly with many of our clients, so we want to steer you in the right direction when it comes to maintenance. We hope to help them prevent damage and make the most of their investment in wide plank engineered hardwood flooring. Here are our top tips to prolong the life of your beautiful new floors.

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Not checking the moisture and temperature

Any professional hardwood installer worth their salt knows how to properly acclimatize engineered hardwood flooring to its new environment. But you’ll still need to keep an eye on the humidity and climate in your home well after installation. Keep in mind that wood is a porous, natural material — it will naturally expand and contract with the elements. From the ground up, you have to be careful and understand the process.

Selecting a wood species and style incompatible with your life

Beyond maintenance for your run-of-the-mill wear and tear, homes with children and pets require a little extra care! Wide plank European White Oak makes a great choice as it scores highly on the Janka hardness test! This means it’s a species that can withstand a bit more than one like cherry or mahogany. Furthermore, choosing a lighter custom color of flooring will involve more frequent surface cleaning — though there’s something to be said for how the darker woods tend to display dust…. You win some; you lose some.

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Letting in other (sneaky) sources of moisture

Do you run a humidifier in the wintertime? Do you like to let in the breeze come summer? Haven’t re-caulked lately? Not to rain on your parade, but these are some habits that might damage your floors. Even when the humidifier runs in a non-hardwood room, incidental moisture can still make its way into your floors. And summer humidity (whether it’s coming through the windows or any other sneaky sources) is nothing to shrug off, either. Measure that moisture! Utilize your A/C!

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Not choosing a quality floor from the start

For a first-time hardwood buyer, it can be hard to distinguish between the good and the bad. We love a good custom color and oil finish — don’t get us wrong! But it’s what’s on the inside that keeps that floor alive. Many layers of high-quality premium plywood are what support your PurezaWood flooring, and it’s just one more valuable aspect of our unbeatably precise product. Are you ready to buy your new engineered hardwood? We specialize in French White Oak and American Walnut species. Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for a behind-the-scenes look at our warehouse, plenty of hardwood floor inspiration, and home advice. Schedule an appointment at our Chicago showroom or contact us today.

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