What does JAS mean?

JAS stands for Japanese Agricultural Standards. These standards are the guidelines Japan uses for all of its agricultural products to make sure they are high quality and sustainable. 

JAS applies to all organic materials, including fruit, vegetables, and plants. Since wood is an organic material, it is affected by these standards. 

What are the Japanese Agricultural Standards?

These are the standards set in place to ensure the reliability of organic products. This process requires companies not to use chemical synthetic fertilizers and pesticides on their product. It also prevents the harvesting process from damaging the surrounding environment. 

These strict standards are in place to protect both the environment and yourself from the harmful chemicals and harvesting practices many companies use. 

In order to become JAS certified, your products have to pass a strict test from a third-party organization. This organization checks to make sure that you’re upholding all of the JAS requirements. 

How does this affect PurezaWood?

PurezaWood is officially JAS certified. Because we pride ourselves on our sustainably sourced materials and their safety for your home, it made sense to us to become certified. We only source JAS certified lumber from forests that are environmentally friendly and low-impact. Sustainability is incredibly important to us, and we want to make sure we are doing our part to preserve the environment.

Your health is also incredibly important to us. This is why we never use lumber that has been treated with chemicals or pesticides the JAS has labeled as harmful. You’re going to be around these floors every day; if they’re releasing harmful chemicals into the air, you’ll end up breathing them in, which could lead to negative effects on your health. We don’t want this, and we’re sure you don’t either. Our flooring is completely safe from harmful chemicals, so you won’t have to worry about this. 

We gladly adhere to the strict JAS certification lumber regulations. We want to responsibly produce the finest quality flooring for your home. PurezaWood is free from toxic chemicals and sustainably sourced. it’s great for your home and the environment!