Hardwood Floors Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is officially here in Chicago, which means spring cleaning! When you start cleaning out closets and your garage, don’t forget about your hardwood floors! When you follow out hardwood floors spring cleaning tips, your floor will be sparkling and ready for spring!

Dust your floors

This is a great first step in maintaining your hardwood floors. Begin your hardwood floors spring cleaning by dusting your floors. Move your furniture, rugs, and anything else in the way to really get into all of the nooks and crannies.

Dusting will help remove the first layer of debris from your hardwood floor. This way, when you get to the next step, you’re actually cleaning and not just removing dust.

Damp mop your floor

Our next hardwood floors spring cleaning tip is to damp mop your floor. You don’t want to use a wet mop. Using a wet mop will put too much moisture on your floors, and could end up damaging them. And sweeping doesn’t always clean everything.

The solution is to use a damp mop. Since this is only damp, it will clean anything not picked up by dusting. It will also go one step further and help remove bacteria and other germs from your floors. You can also damp mop with a cleaner to get an even deeper hardwood floors spring clean.

Don’t use these cleaners

Some commercial hardwood floor cleaners aren’t actually good for your floors. Using these cleaners could lead to damaging your floor’s finish and seal. If this happens, your floors could become permanently damaged over time as they won’t be as resistant to daily wear and tear. We recommend avoiding:

  • Oil-based cleaning products
  • Ammonia-based cleaning products
  • Vinegar and water cleaning solutions
  • Lemon juice
  • Bleach
  • Wax-based cleaning products
  • Furniture sprays
  • Abrasive cleaning products

We do recommend finding a non-toxic, residue-free cleaner that has been developed specifically to clean hardwood floors without damaging them. This way your hardwood floors spring cleaning will clean your flooring and not damage it.

Consider refinishing

If you’re doing a deep clean of your hardwood floors once a year, why not look into refinishing them around this time as well? Refinishing your floors can help make them look new again. This is also a great way to adapt your floors to your current interior design style–because you should love your hardwood floors!

Engineered hardwood floors can be refinished as many times as solid hardwood floors, so if you’re looking into replacing your hardwood floor or carpet, engineered hardwood flooring is a good option. It is still durable, strong, customizable with many options, and can be refinished to keep your floors looking new and clean.

While you’re doing your hardwood floors spring cleaning, consider refinishing your floors.

Do you have any other hardwood floors spring cleaning tips?

We’d love to hear about them! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more tips and project pictures. If you’re interested in engineered hardwood floors, make an appointment to stop by our showroom and see them for yourself.

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